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Sylvanus Kent Series

Sylvanus Kent is a Victorian Psychiatrist who discovered Brighton in the 1840’s along with an ability to solve crime.

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More Fiction

Where the time goes.
Diary of an accidental time traveller. John lived on the edge but he didn't expect solo cave diving to lead to this. His 21st Century dive took him back 100 years to the trenches and killing fields of World War One. He is sent over the top into no man's land and spends much of the book trying to unwind the events of that day. This takes him through a complex web of relationships and exciting adventures through time. John explores the possibilities and discovers the hazards this tenuous existence and learns how to make the most of his opportunities. Along the way he discovers many secrets of time and it's control.
Approx 120,000 words 650 ePages

Children’s Fiction

The Last Dragon
A young, 300 year old fashion conscious Japanese dragon believes he is the last dragon left alive after years of unwarranted persecution of the species.
He befriends a young boy and through enlightening conversations and humorous mishaps, a unique bond emerges between the two.
Alas his wayward dragonly ways mean that very soon the subject of abuse torment and the entire military come after him.
Will he survive to further the existence of these magnificent and humerous creatures?
This is a fun-loving, witty story about finding friendship in the oddest of places and a joy to youngsters up to the age of 115 years.
The story has been brilliantly illustrated by notable watercolour artist Paul Payne.
The Giants Of Mid Sussex
The story of how the giants formed the county of Sussex back in the long forgotten sands of time. This is a great story by Chris Cook and it won the 2004 Mid Sussex Short Story competition.

Non Fiction

Self Help

Think Your Way Out Of AdversityWrite An eBook In A MonthHow To Retire Gracefully: Post Brexit - and live your dreamsHow To Live The Dream
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Bloomsbury – Monks House  – Virginia Woolf  – Charleston

Life in SquaresVirginia Woolf and BloomsburyThe Longest WalkCharleston Farmhouse at 100Essence Of Bloomsbury
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Secrets Of Professional PhotographersProfessional Mobile Cell Phone Photography TipsComing Off Auto
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Making money from QuizzesMaking a Living From Quizzes
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